VirtualVP 1.2

VirtualVP is a software aplication that let you connect up to 4 weather programs (See all)

VirtualVP is a software application that lets you connect up to 4 weather programs to a single Davis Vantage Pro 1 or 2 weather station (console or Envoy). Before you download and install VirtualVP, you may want to download the User's Guide (pdf file) and read at least the overview and appendix describing the various third party drivers. If you just want to try it out as quickly as possible, download and install the N8VBvCOM driver (a link is on the Downloads page), and then download and install VirtualVP. The only configuration you'll need to do is set the COM port of your VP console in the Communications Settings of VirtualVP, and set each of the virtual consoles to use Virtual COM ports COM16 through COM19. Beginning with the next version of VirtualVP, the virtual consoles will default to those values.

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